Sample Service

TFR Stock Samples

Customers often request to see examples of coated or treated cloth prior to placing orders. We have a supply of backcoated (upholstery) and impregnated (curtain) fabric available for inspection. We will be pleased to supply such samples subject to receiving a stamped self addressed envelope. We will refund the postage charge customers have incurred when the first order is placed.

Customer Supplied Material

We will processĀ Free Of Charge, small samples of cloth supplied by our customers in order that they may evaluate for themselves the finish prior to placing an order. A small quantity means 0.5 to 2 metres of fabric. This quantity is negotiable since the outcome of a trial production application may be influenced by the sample size and so certain materials may require slightly large lengths to achieve a commercially viable finish. All samples treated on a free of charge basis would be on the understanding that the fabric would not be supported by any certification and that it would not be used for any commercial purpose including resale.

Contact the sales office for more details, our contact page is here