On-Site Service

The only completely satisfactory method of applying a controlled and even quantity of flame retardant chemical to a fabric is by means of the coating & impregnation equipment that we have within the factory. However, over the years a number of customers have found themselves in a position of having either bought ready made curtains or had curtains manufactured which are constructed of non-flame retardant material. Such items are usually impossible to process though textile finishing machinery. As a consequence, the only possible action is to treat the fabric on-site. This is done with the agreement of the fire officers who have either inspected the premises or following the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, have inspected the fire risk assessment.

We would emphasise the following points;

On-site treatment is more expensive than having the equivalent quantity of material treated by us in our factory. However, if on-site treatment is the only option, and the fire authorities agree that such an undertaking will meet the requirements of the risk assessment for the premises then we may be able to help.

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